Volunteering is a Feel-Good Activity

Simply put, helping others makes us feel good. Even better, volunteering to help others, for your own happiness and without expectation of anything in return, holds many benefits. Here are just a few:


It’s bigger than all of us. Helping others allows you to feel grateful for what you have because you can step outside of yourself and become connected to something that takes on a purposeful, greater belonging.


An attitude of gratitude. When you help someone who may not be as fortunate as you, it puts life into perspective and may just reveal how many blessings you actually have.


Compassion and connection. When you can serve with kindness and compassion, it connects you with the oneness of humanity and affords a sense of belonging.


You’re present. Being present—being fully in the moment—yields a great sense of wellbeing.


Sympathetic joy. There is joy in making someone else happy. And it makes you happy, too!


Tip adapted from The Chopra Center[i]

[i] https://chopra.com/articles/6-ways-volunteering-makes-you-happy

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