Stop Your Cat from Killing Birds

It may seem like a throwback to ancient days in the wild, but domestic cats killing birds is a bigger problem than most of us may realize.

According to National Wildlife surveys, free-ranging household cats are killing nearly 4 billion birds and up to 22 billion mammals per year in the United States.

While the habit may seem to fit naturally into the ecological cycle, domestic cats acting on their instincts are having a negative impact on the environment. In fact, “killer” cats are leading to the potential extinction of several bird species and small mammals.

Keeping cats indoors may help resolve the problem on several fronts: It helps protect wildlife and is better for the cats. Outdoor cats are subject to predators and disease as well.

Here are some tips for a happy and healthy cat:

  • Buy cat toys to keep your cat active indoors.
  • Make a bird-viewing station for your cat.
  • You can hide treats or purchase a cat puzzle to make it more challenging for your cats to get them.
  • Get your cat a buddy. Two cats can keep each other busy or active.
  • Catnip may help keep your cat happy and active.
  • Indoor cat trees enable your cats to climb.
  • Spaying and neutering your cats can calm their wanderlust.


Tip adapted from EarthShare[i]


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