Putt Like the Pros

Next time you’re at your local course, take a glance at the putting green, and you’ll see an infinite number of different putting styles. Even with the “pros,” you’ll see thousands of different grips, stances, and even, putters. It’s natural to wonder why anyone putts the way they do with the “flat stick.”


That’s where the basics of great putting come into play.


Beginning line control: the position of your eyes and your ability to see a straight line when you look at the intended target.


Control your speed: speed issues plague every golfer, regardless of their experience level, and improving your speed control may lead to massive improvements in your score.


Read the green: the correct read for any given putt can be variable based on a combination of start line and speed.


Master these putting elements, and your score is sure to drop.

Tip courtesy of Brandon Stooksbury, PGA | Golf Tips Magazine[i]

[i] https://www.golftipsmag.com/instruction/putting/the-abcs-of-great-putting/


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