Put an End to Junk Mail: Go Green at Home


A lot of trees go into making your mail. In fact, it takes half of a tree to make a carton of 100%, non-recycled, 20-pound copier paper.


Do the mailbox math and a lot of trees go into keeping you abreast of store deals and discounts, account balances, notices, and current events.


How can you make your mailbox go green? Here are 10 tips for creating a more environmentally friendly postal service:


  1. Set a goal of receiving no mail. Many service providers and banks offer paperless services.


  1. Go to The Data and Marketing Association to get yourself removed from businesses’ marketing lists.


  1. Every month or so, call or email companies that send you unwanted mail.


  1. Mark “refused, return to sender” on unwanted letters with “return service requested,” “forwarding service requested,” “address service,” or “change service requested.”


  1. Call 888-5OPTOUT or go to optoutprescreen.com to block receiving unsolicited credit card offers.


  1. Contact Val-Pak Coupons and Valassis to be removed from direct marketers’ lists.


  1. Call your credit card companies and ask them to stop selling your name to marketers.


  1. Don’t fill out “contest” cards. Businesses are often only looking to expand their prospects’ lists.


  1. Write “do not sell my name or address” on letters or correspondence when you donate money or order products or services.


  1. Read online news and magazines rather than paper.


Going green—and saving the trees—can be remarkably easy in the digital society.


Tip adapted from Global Stewards[i]

[i] http://www.globalstewards.org/stop-junkmail.htm

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