No Time for Working Out? Here’s How to Make Time

Busy. Busy. Busy. And no time to work out.

You know exercise is good for you, but your schedule is packed. You simply can’t find the time to do it.

There’s hope. Fitting exercise into your busy schedule is a little easier than you might think.

First up, exercise’s little secret: A short burst of exercise can deliver big dividends. (A warning: If you’re a man over 45, a woman over 55, or have health problems, consult a doctor first before proceeding on an exercise program.)

Here are some easy exercises to get you started:

  • The exercise ball is great—and easy—for building strong thighs. Put the ball between your lower back and a wall with your feet in front of you and shoulder-length apart. While keeping your body straight, lower your body as if you were sitting down, then raise yourself back up. Do 10 repetitions.
  • You can do squats without a ball. Bend your legs and lower yourself as if you were sitting down. Keep your knees over your ankles, but don’t allow your knees to go too far forward. Do 10.
  • The lunge involves you taking a long step forward with one leg, then lowering your body toward the floor. Keep your front knee aligned with your ankle. Step back and then do the other leg. Do 10 repetitions with each leg.
  • The deadlift with a barbell or free weights is as easy as bowing. Stand straight while holding the bar at your waist. Bend over with your legs straight but without locking your knees. Do 10.
  • The pushup is fantastic for your upper body. Make sure you have the correct form with your toes on the floor and both hands about shoulder width apart. Do 10.
  • The bent-over row builds strong upper back muscles and your biceps. Do the exercise in a bent-over position with your back flat. Place your knee and your hand on a bench for support while the other lifts a dumbbell or free weight. Do 10 times.

You can do other simple exercises to get in shape. Make sure you maintain proper form and fluid motion.


Tips adapted from WebMD[i]


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