Keep It Simple for a Powerful Swing

Many golfers spend a lot of their time examining and analyzing every detail of their swings: the grip, the body rotation, the movement of the clubface, the shifting of their legs during the swing, the feet placement, the torso twisting, even the mental gymnastics of the single most important part of the game.


With all this deep thinking, what happens most of the time? The mechanics of the swing gets entangled in a wide and nuanced mesh of tricks and techniques, some of it committed to distant memory, some loosely incorporated into your game, and some long forgotten.


Occasionally, the pros call players back to the basics. Their advice: Keep it simple.


Here are 3 tips to simplify your swing:


  1. The address and backswing: Stay centered. Keep your weight neutral at address. Support your weight equally on both feet. However, do stay cognizant of the weight on the inside of your right foot.


  1. Keep it even during the downswing: Many players shift their weight away from the ball during the backswing and then back to the front during follow-through. Try instead to emphasize rotation—taking a page from the baseball players’ handbook.


  1. Build speed in the downswing and follow-through. The caveat: Don’t let your hands generate the speed. A better way: Allow the speed to increase on the way down on the swing so the fastest is at ball contact. Picturing the swing as a clock, the highest club speed should be between the 7 o’clock and 4 o’clock positions.


Returning to the basics can sometimes improve your game significantly.



Tip adapted from Golf Digest[i]


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