There are so many benefits to journaling. It alleviates stress, gives you clarity, improves memory, and may actually make you a better writer. Check out a few tips to start journaling right away.


  • Write on paper. Get yourself a nice journal that you like and write in it. There are benefits to physically writing (versus typing on a keyboard) that tap into your emotions, creativity, and intelligence.
  • Just write. Freely write whatever comes to mind. This journal is for you, and you’ll benefit by just putting pen to paper.
  • Try a writing prompt. You can search for journal prompts online. Sometimes it’s a question, “what would I do with 1,000,000 dollars?” or sometimes a fill-in-the blank such as “the strangest thing that happened today was __________.”
  • Sometimes journaling can be a list, such as a gratitude list, a list of friends and their traits, or a list of things you love.
  • A little or a lot. Whether you write a little or a lot, try to make it a habit, and occasionally revisit what you wrote.


Tip adapted from Bustle[i]



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