Improve Your Balance for Better Play


Good balance is crucial in golf, due to the game’s rotational athletic nature. You must manage a strong accelerated force while transferring energy from the club to your ball at exactly the right time. If your balance is off, your shot will be, too.


You can practice with the “Bucket Brigade Drill.”


  1. Fill a small bucket with water (but not completely full).
  2. Stand with your feet apart under your shoulders, extend your arms, and hold the bucket in front of you.
  3. Focus on a target (perhaps a picture frame if inside or a tree trunk if outside).
  4. Make sure you are “Parallel Left” (or “Parallel Right” for left-handed players) of your target. Keep your arms, legs, shoulders, and feet still as you focus.
  5. Turn toward your target, using only your feet, legs, and core. Keep your arms extended in front of you. Your goal is to make this move without spilling any water.
  6. Hold this position for 5 seconds, paying close attention to the feel of your body and the setup.
  7. Repeat this move multiple times on each side.


This technique will help you practice your setup while building muscle strength, which is essential for balance in any swing.



Tip adapted from John Hughes | Golf Tips Magazine[i]



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