Don’t Fret Over the Uphill Putts

The good news: You’ve landed the golf ball on the green.

The bad news: The hole is about 50 feet away. And it’s uphill.

The first scenario: You make a short, punchy putt, and the ball doesn’t make it even half the distance to the hole. Then it rolls back downhill about a dozen feet back toward you.

The second scenario: You make a longer, smoother putt, hoping to surmount the hill. With the added force, your ball rolls smoothly and confidently over the hill and right past the hole.

The third (and ideal) scenario: You knock the ball with a little more force to create the additional speed and you accomplish your goal. It rolls in or near the hole. Success!

The trick: Create the necessary speed by taking a stable address position with a wide stance. Hit the ball with a longer (but not harder) stroke. The stroke should feel smooth, unhurried.

To get a better frame of reference, imagine you’re attempting to hit a draw. This visualization helps to eliminate spin, sometimes the main culprit behind wayward, wandering balls.

To accomplish this, lower your trail shoulder slightly, which is your right one for right-handers.

By incorporating a few simple alterations into your stance and your putt swing, you may be able to eliminate the first and second scenarios in favor of the third.


Tip adapted from GolfDigest[i]


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